Everything’s Coming Up Pineapples

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It’s beginning to look like summertime in the Florida Keys and this is what we are seeing everywhere-pineapples! Yes, the pineapples are in bloom all over the Keys right now which means lots of delicious recipes: fresh, from scratch pina coladas; pineapple salsa; and pineapple upside down cake (yum!). Besides producing fruit, the pineapple plant gives a tropical and exotic look to your front yard. So how can you grow your own?

First, find a particularly delicious pineapple from your grocery store or farmer’s market. Cut off the top leaving a bit of the flesh attached. Enjoy the rest, but don’t throw that top away! Leave the top to soak in a bowl of water for several days (when it starts to get smelly, you know it’s ready to plant). Plant the fleshy part of the top in some soil, either in the ground or in a large pot, with the leaves sticking out. Make sure the plant is in direct sunlight and water twice a week. Then you play the waiting game. It can take up to two years for a pineapple to sprout, so don’t get discouraged. It is worth the wait!

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